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The Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly appointment for Medicare patients to discuss their plan of preventive care for the coming year. Unlike a physical exam, the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is an opportunity for the provider and the patient to have a conversation about important topics such as home safety, health risks, advance directives and development of a care plan.

The AWV is NOT a routine visit in which a physical examination and treatment of conditions is performed. The AWV can be conducted (and billed for) in conjunction with a routine visit to avoid scheduling a separate appointment to address conditions that require attention. CMS video on AWV. click here

Comparison of AWV with a preventive visit exam:click here


View Required Elements of INITIAL AWV and SUBSEQUENT AWV (must be documented to pass a chart audit)


Video Example of Annual Wellness Visit


Information and Materials for the Healthcare Team

Listed below are materials to help your practice understand the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and aid in developing a workflow, along with tools you can use with patients to support them in achieving their wellness goals. This material is provided for your convenience, but the ultimate resource is

Before the Visit

Pre-visit Planning Tools/Info for Providers and Staff (Pre-charting and phone calls to the patient)





During the Visit

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Practice Workflows


29. AWV Clinical Workflow Chart
AWV Clinical Workflow Chart







Clinical Screening Tools












Advance Directive & End of Life







Preventive Plans